Saving Money

4 Simple Ways to Save Money

1. Energy Efficient Lighting

Next time you need to change a lightbulb, purchase an LED low energy bulb. Advances in lighting technology have resulted in far less energy use by these more modern bulbs.

2. Showers instead of baths

Having a shower instead of a bath requires no expensive equipment. A shower uses far less energy than a bath does. This will also save water too.

3. Use the tumble dryer less

Drying clothes using a tumble dryer uses a lot of energy. Heating the air and powering the motor consumes a lot of energy. Consider hanging out clothes on a line or on a clothes horse inside.

4. Turn down the thermostat

By turning down your thermostat by only 1 degree you will save money on your bills straight away! If it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable then that is a nice easy money saving fix.

Energy Grants

We may be able to help you access FREE energy grants.

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